Mini Bean Stitch Crochet Video & Photo Tutorial

Hi ya’ll! I worked up the mini bean stitch tutorial to aid you in crocheting up the Pebbled Beanie, which uses this easy stitch. I started with a standard puff stitch, but felt it was just too big so I modified it. At the time I thought I discovered this new stitch, but of course, crochet has been around longer than me and it was actually known as the mini bean stitch!

If you prefer to watch videos when learning new crochet stitches, I’ve created one below, be sure to subscribe to my channel so I can keep creating crochet videos for you! I’ve included the photo tutorial below too. As a mama, I know you can’t always watch a video, no matter how quick!

Video Tutorial:

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Photo Tutorial:

mini bean stitch tutorial

Here I’ve worked up a foundation row of single crochets and then mini bean stitches for a few rows. I also use this stitch in my Pebble Beanie pattern which is worked in the round. While crocheting the stitch is the same process, it is interesting how crocheting in the round vs. rows changes the appearance of many stitches.

mini bean crochet stitch

Insert your hook into the stitch to be worked.

mini bean stitch tutorial

Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop (2 loops on your hook).

mini bean stitch tutorial

Yarn over (yo) again.

mini bean stitch tutorial

Insert hook back into the same stitch.

mini bean stitch tutorial

Yo and pull up another loop (4 loops on your hook).

mini bean stitch tutorial

Yo again.

mini bean stitch tutorial

Pull through all 4 loops on your hook.

mini bean stitch


Eccola! When you work this one in rows you’ll see opposite sides of the stitch which give the fabric you’re creating even more amazing texture!

mini bean stitch grey

Here’s how the mini bean stitch looks worked in the round. It gave this hat such a pebbled look that’s what I chose to name it!

I hope this little tutorial was helpful for you! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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mini bean stitch tutorial



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