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Thanks for being here!

You can find me on Facebook, in the ChristaCo Crochet+Knit Community group.

I also enjoy sharing photos and connecting on Instagram. You see what’s new and up and coming by following me @christacodesign.

I love finding and sharing crochet, knitting and sewing inspiration on Pinterest. If you love Pinterst too, come and follow me ChristaCoDesign.

I love teaching through tutorials, photos and video both. You can find my crochet and knitting videos on Tangi, which great for mobile. If you haven’t heard about this new video learning platform, you can read my thoughts on it in this blog post.

You’ll find full length, detailed crochet and knit tutorials on my YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe! I also share specific technique video tutorials related to my patterns on YouTube.

I’m loving the ability to add the tutorial text to my short form videos with Jumprope. You can check out my short videos with steps at my Jumprope profile.

I sell digital pattern pdf for crochet and knitting patterns on Ravelry, or on Etsy. Both of these marketplaces have lots of ways to connect, and it’s a great way to support my work.

For pattern support questions, please email me with your question so I can help you. You can contact me at ChristaCoDesign AT gmail DOT com.

You can always leave a comment on any pattern post. If you scroll down to the bottom of the post, there is a place to leave your comment. This is a great way to reach out for help or questions about pattern specifics.

You can also subscribe to my newsletter for regular email updates.

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