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How to Knit Ribbing for Hats- 1 x 1 Ribbing Tutorial

Learn how to knit ribbing for hats. This 1 x 1 ribbing gives you a great stretchy ribbing for bottom up beanies.

I think knitting a rib is one of the first things we learn as new knitters. It has so many uses from hats to sweaters!

For this tutorial I’m knitting in the round with my cable needles. If you need to know how to join your knitting in the round start here.

I use this 1 x 1 ribbing in the Alba Knit Hat pattern, which is an easy superbulky hat pattern.

This rib is knit by alternating knits and purls. Then you continue knitting the knits and purling the purls.

1 x 1 and 2 x 2 rib are pretty common ribbing methods for hats and garments. The Elena Sweater uses the 2 x 2 rib on the hem and cuffs.

This tutorial demonstrates how to knit this ribbing in the round. However, you can also knit it flat. I include written instructions for both.

Pink ribbing on needles with yarn in bowl.

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For this tutorial I’m knitting with Red Heart With Love* in the color Cameo. It’s such a pretty purply pink.

This is a nice soft #4 medium worsted weight yarn from Red Heart. You can use any yarn for this technique if you’re just practicing.


For this tutorial I’m knitting on my 4.5mm US 7 Knitter’s Pride Karbonz interchangeable needles.

I love having interchangeable needles. It makes switching from a large needle size to a smaller one, like in the Alba Hat, so easy.

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Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)

BO-bind off 

CO-Cast On You might like to cast on with a crochet hook or this short tail cast on.






Pia from StitchesNScraps has a really nice tutorial for an alternating cable cast on, or seed stitch cast on that works well for hat ribbing.

To Knit 1 x 1 Ribbing Flat

  1. Cast on an even number or sts.
  2. *(K1, P1) rep from * to end of row.
  3. Rep this row for length of work.

To Knit 1 x 1 Ribbing in the Round

  1. Cast on an even number of sts.
  2. Join to knit in the round.
  3. *(K1, P1) rep from * to end of round.
  4. Rep this round for length of work.

1 x 1 Ribbing in the Round Tutorial

Cast on an even number of stitches.
Without twisting, join in the round by knitting the first stitch.
I knit the first stitch so now purl the next.
Rep around: k1, p1
When you get to the first stitch, keep knitting, knit the knits & purl the purls.
You can use a stitch marker to mark the beginning or the tail like I do here.
Keep repeating k1, p1 for height of ribbing.
Once your ribbing is as tall as needed it’s complete.
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Video Tutorial

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Pink stitches cast on and joined in the round.
How to Join Knitting in the Round
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