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30+ Crochet Hat Patterns That Are Free

Check out these free crochet hat patterns. There are more than 30 crochet beanies on this list.

Many of these hats include sizes for the whole family. So whether you’re crocheting for you or your baby, there’s a crochet beanie pattern here.

Hats are some of the best crocheting you do as a maker. They’re quick, they’re fun and they’re useful.

I love crocheting hats for my kids just for fun. And when holidays come around, crochet hats make amazing gifts.

Another great crochet gift for the kids is a lovey or bear. Or both like this Bear Baby Lovey from Crafting Happiness.

These are just the cutest for kids. What are favorites gifts to crochet and give?

Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Find free crochet hat patterns to inspire you next crochet project.

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