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The Tangi Video App What’s to Love About It

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Have you heard of Tangi yet? I’ve been using the Tangi video app for a few months now, so maybe you’ve seen a few of my videos. I’ve shared both crochet and knitting videos on the Tangi app.

So what is Tangi? In short, it’s a learning video app for your phone. Tangi features short videos, designed specifically for viewing on your mobile. While there are a variety of topics, all the videos are created to teach or inspire.

Tangi is a great place for makers of all kinds. It’s the place to learn how to diy, make and create all the things. The Tangi platform is full of inspiring videos in so many different areas.

This post contains affiliate links which means a I receive a small fee if you click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. This post is sponsored by Tangi. All opinions are my own.

Treble Standing Stitch Tangi Video

In Annie’s Crochet Shoulder Bag Pattern I used the lovely treble X-stitch. And I love my standing stitches so I’ve created a short video demonstrating how to get the treble stitch started.

On the Tangi app I also have a short video on how to cross the treble stitches to create that X-stitch.

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Tangi Video Categories

Currently there are 7 different video categories on Tangi.

  • Art there are some gorgeous hand lettering tutorials in this one.
  • Beauty is full of amazing makeup tutorials.
  • Cook yum, recipe videos.
  • DIY has all the crafty tutorials for you.
  • Decor beautiful inspiration for your home.
  • Lifestyle this one is a mixed bag of travel, fitness, pets, etc.
  • Parents crafty goodness for the kiddos.

Within each of these categories there are subcategories. So for my crochet and knitting videos I use the DIY category and the Yarn subcategory.

Obviously I love the DIY category. I’m a maker and that’s my go to. But I’m also a mom, of four kids, who have been home since March. So I’m loving the crafty ideas under the Parent category.

Dinner planning can get pretty monotonous. I love being able to browse the Cook category. These short recipe videos make everything look so delicious.

I don’t get to spend enough quality time in my Bullet Journal these days. But I do love hand lettering and doodling when I can find the time. The Art category is chalk full of fun ideas here.

Crochet Hook Cast On Tangi Video

This is just one example of Tangi video tutorial I created. This crochet hook cast on is such a cool technique. Especially if you already crochet and have a plethora of crochet hooks to choose from.

To get the full Tangi video experience you really need to view the videos on the app. The Tangi App is where you’ll be able to like, share, try it and all the fun stuff.

How to Use Tangi

The Tangi video app is easy to use. When you open up the app there’s a home feed of current videos. You can filter them by the above categories at the top of your screen.

To watch a video, just click on it. The sound can be muted, if like me you’re always around your kids. I love how the video fills the screen just the way I hold my phone.

From the video screen you can engage with it in several ways. To follow the video creator, just click on the creator’s profile. There’s a description so you can read more about the video.

You can “like” a video by clicking the heart. I love that I can bookmark videos for later so I don’t have to hunt for it. And you can comment on the videos.

One of the special features on the Tangi video app is called “Try It.” Once you watch a video, then you can make one on your own. Take a picture of your creation and share it under the “Try It” button.

Tangi also has a website, Since it’s primarily designed for mobile, the app is a great way to view the videos. The mobile friendly design makes it easy to pop in and check out what’s happening.

picture of Tangi video profile with text

Download the Tangi App

Apple App Store

Google Play

I love making learning videos and I love learning from videos. If you do too, check out my Tangi profile and give me a follow. Let me know what videos you would like to see next on Tangi.

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