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Fiore Free Crochet Cotton Cowl Pattern

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I love a one skein cowl, don’t you? Blue is my favorite and I love the combination of the forked cluster stitch and this yarn.

Lion Brand 24/7 cotton has such a beautiful sheen. If you’ve never heard of the forked cluster stitch, don’t fret! I’ve explained it under stitches, plus I made a video to help you too.

It’s basically a cluster stitch that’s worked over 3 stitches. I just thought it was too pretty. And once it’s worked up in the round it resembled a flower or “fiore” in Italian.

Woman in blue crochet cowl.

Crochet cowls are such a great gift idea, or a quick and easy piece to crochet up for yourself. When the weather starts cooling down I grab one of my favorite cowls til it warms up some.

Where I am in Northern California we get swings of 30-40 degrees in the temperature. And since I’m from Texas that means it’s basically winter overnight, fall in the morning and warms up to spring and summer all in the same day! But hey I get to use my cowls and scarves that much more.

I actually worked this one up in the spring and gifted to one of my son’s teachers. She was always wearing a cowl so I thought this would be the perfect handmade gift. And since I worked up a bunch of different cowls, it’s nice they were all only one skein each!

Woman in crochet cotton cowl.

Here are the other cowls & scarf I made with less than one skein each of Lion Brand’s 24/7 cotton:

1. Incrocio Cowl

 2. Colorblock Cowl

 3. Archwork Cowl

 4. Skinny Summer Scarf

Since I made this one as we were heading into summer, I kept it thin and short. If you want to adjust the length of your cowl (cause now we’re staring fall in the face!), increase by 3s. To have a nice cozy cowl that you can wrap twice around your neck I would recommend starting with a chain of 216.

Cotton cowl draped on wood boards.


3.5oz (100g)/186 yd (170m) #4 medium yarn, I used one ball of Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton* in Navy

5mm Hook (H)*

yarn needle* & scissors

Close up of forked cluster stitch used in crochet cowl.

You can purchase the ad-free version of this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.


FC – forked cluster: yo, insert hook into first st to be worked, *{yo and pull up a loop, yo & insert hook into the same st again, yo & pull up a loop (5 loops on your hook), yo & pull through 4 loops (2 loops on your hook)}, skip the next st, yo & insert your hook into the next st, repeat from * ending with 3 loops on your hook, yo & pull through all 3 loops.

ss – slip stitch 

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

Textured blue crochet cowl around neck.

Video Tutorial:

Watch exactly how to crochet the forked cluster stitch in the round in my YouTube video.


My finished cowl measured about 37″ around and 4″ wide.


2″x 2″ 7 sc x 6 rows


1. Starting ch 2 does not count as a stitch.

2. The first fc of each round will be worked in the same st as the first ch 2 of the round & the 3rd st.

3. Rounds 2-6 are worked in the chain 2 spaces you create. The first half of the fc is made in the ch 2 space before the fc you’re working on and the second half of the fc is made in the ch 2 spc that is after the fc you working on.

4. The stitch multiple is 3.

One skein of cotton yarn used to make crochet cowl.

Scroll down for the free crochet cowl pattern!

Woman in blue crochet cowl.

Fiore Cowl Crochet Pattern

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $5

Crochet this cotton cowl with just one skein of yarn.


  • 1 ball (186yds/170m) Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn, a #4 medium worsted weight yarn


  • 5mm (H) Hook
  • yarn needle
  • scissors


Chain 144, ss to the first ch to form a circle. For a longer version-Ch 216; or a add/subtract in 3s.

  1. Row 1. Ch 2 (doesn’t count here and through out), *{fc, ch 2} repeat from * around, join with a ss to the top of the first fc of the round.
  2. Row 2. Ch 2, *{into the chain 2 spaces: fc, ch 2} repeat from * around, join with a ss to top of the first fc.
  3. Rows 3-6. Repeat Round 2.


To finish mine off I added a picot border.

  1. Slip stitch to the top of the next fc,
  2. Sc, ch 3 & ss that back to the sc,
  3. Now ss to the next fc and repeat around.
  4. Cut yarn & weave in.
  5. Attach yarn with a ss to other side and repeat the border.
  6. Finish off & block.

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