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How to Line a Crochet Bag Photo Tutorial

I decided to line my Tivoli Crochet Purse and thought it might be nice to share a step by step tutorial for those of you who haven’t done it before. This crochet bag lining tutorial can be applied to any purse or tote that you make. I’ve kept it relatively simple, but if you have more intermediate sewing skills with your machine then you can add pockets, zippers, etc. 

This tutorial is beginner friendly, but basic sewing skills and materials are necessary. I am happy to help clarify or answer any questions.

I’ve detailed how I arrived at my length x width numbers in case your measurements differ. Hopefully you can use this tutorial to walk you through how to calculate your own dimensions, should they be different than mine. 


Scroll down to the bottom of this post. I’ve included the Tivoli Crochet Purse pattern and the supplies to make it in this month’s giveaway. Enter the giveaway at the end of this tutorial. Good luck!


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Crochet purse or bag to line, my Tivoli Purse is used for this tutorial.

Purse straps, I purchased mine from Joann. Amazon has a variety of purse straps* and sewing supplies too.

Fabric-slightly larger than your bag. I cut my fabric 29.75″ x 12.5″ The fabric I used I’ve had for 4 years, just waiting for the perfect project!

FYI-a yard of fabric is 36″ by 45″ or 54″ so if you’re buying new fabric half a yard (18″ x 45″ or 54″) is plenty for this size purse.

Sewing machine, I enjoy my Singer Stylist* and find it’s a good beginner sewing machine that’s not too expensive.

Iron*/ironing board*

Needle*, I find the larger ones to work with for this home dec woven fabric I’m using.

Thread*, measuring tape*

Fabric scissors* A good pair of fabric only scissors are a must!

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Lining Length

  1. Measure the bag you want to line. When laid flat my Tivoli Purse is 12″ tall, so I double that number to account for both sides of the bag. 12″ x 2″ =24″
  2. Then add the width of my bottom (when it’s upright and filled) which is 2″+ 24″ =26.”
  3. Crochet bags are stretchy so I wanted to fit the lining to it’s larger size.  I added 2″ of seam allowance to my 26″ to account for it stretching down when filled. If you don’t want it to stretch down this much then shorten this number. 26″+2″=28″ I did a very scientific test of tossing my notebook in my unlined bag to see about how far it sank down 🙂
  4. Then I’m adding an inch in length to account for the boxed edges I plan to make (more on how to do that below). If the bottom of your bag is wider than my 2″ then you’ll need to add even more inches here, as your boxed edge will be larger and therefore shorten the height of your bag. You can read in more detail about the geometry here, if you are lining a bag that is significantly bigger or smaller than mine. 28″+ 1″=29″
  5. Next add seam allowance for the top edge hem. I added 3/4″ for the top hem. (29″ + 3/4″ = 29.75″). If you are new to sewing then having more fabric to fold over will be easier to work with. You can trim an excess, but adding more is not as easy.  

That is roughly how I came up with 29.75″ of length in fabric from my 12″ high crochet bag. You can also fit the fabric inside your finished bag to see how much you need.

I chose one long piece to fold, so I could eliminate a seam at the bottom, which is less structurally sound. But if you don’t have a piece of fabric long enough then sewing two pieces together works-just remember to account for seam allowance on both pieces where you will stitch them together! (add an inch- 1/2 +1/2 if sewing two pieces together)

Lining Width

Gauging your width is much easier-my bag is 11″ wide, I cut my fabric 12.5″ wide which gives me a 1/2″ seam allowance on either side: 1/2″+11″+1/2″=12″ plus I added 1/2″ since the crochet purse stretches wider than it’s flat 11,” but not quite as much as it stretches down. All of this is pretty easy to see when you have a complete crochet purse that you can stretch and stick fabric into!


  1. Fold your lining fabric in half, with the right sides of the fabric touching and the short ends lined up.
  2. Sew both sides, I used a 1/2″ seam allowance.
  3. Stand your lining bag up right with the seam down, so that the corners jut out on either side. Mark off 1,” from the corner, forming a triangle on the bottom corners. This is where you will sew to form the boxed corners. 
  4. Sew along your marked line and trim the excess fabric off. Repeat on the other corner.
  5. Flip your bag right side out, and check the fit by inserting it into your crocheted purse. 


  1. Iron your sewn seams open.
  2. Fold the top of your lining over 3/4″ to the wrong side and iron.
  3. Check for fit by placing the lining in your bag.
  4. Set aside if adding strap tabs.

Strap Tabs

Measure and Cut

My purse straps have 1″ rings so I am aiming for 1″ wide tabs and 1.5″ long tabs-these are both finished numbers. So now I need to calculate how much fold/seam allowance to add so that I’m left with 1″ x 1.5″ long tabs.

I’m going to need 1/4″ seam allowance on both long edges 1/4″ + 1″ +1/4″ =1.5.” Plus I will need another inch to fold my tab in half, enclosing my raw edges in the middle. 1.5″ + 1″ = 2.5″ So I cut my tab fabric 2.5″ wide.

To calculate length, I need to know how far down into my bag I want my tabs to go. I sank my strap edges 3/4″ down past the top of my purse, matching the top edge hem of 3/4″ so double that for both ends. 3/4″ + 3/4″ = 1.75″

I want my tab to hang 1.5″ so I need to double this number so that they’re long enough to loop through my strap ring. 1.5″ + 1.5″ = 3″ Add that to my 1.75″ above for 4.75″ long strap tabs. 

I need to cut 4 tabs that are 4.75″ x 2.5″

Iron and Sew

  1. Fold over 1/4″ on either long edge of your tabs and iron down. 
  2. Now fold the tab in half, matching the long ends and enclosing the raw edges to the center. 
  3. Iron in place.
  4. Sew down both long edges with an 1/8″ seam allowance.

Attach Tabs and Straps

  1. Mark where to add your strap tab.
  2. Pin your tabs to the wrong side, lined up with the edge of the 3/4″ top hem you ironed down at the top of your lining bag. 
  3.  Sew around the top hem of the lining, sew the pinned end of the tabs into place using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  4. Fit tabs through purse straps and fold back onto the wrong side, matching up the raw short edges.
  5. Pin the two ends of the tabs together and sew a box and an x to reinforce this seam. 

Now you should have a lining bag with straps attached that almost looks like a purse. Fit this into your crochet bag and check for fit one last time. 

Sew Lining to Purse

  1. Fit lining into purse with right side visible to you and wrong side on the inside of the bag.
  2. Be sure your straps are up and out of the way.
  3. Pin the to hem edge to the top edge of the purse.
  4. Thread your needle and start on the inside to secure your thread out of sight.
  5. Use a running stitch to sew the lining on, weaving the needle between crochet stitch (don’t split the yarn).
  6. You can use your machine stitches as a guide. My machine stitches were smaller than my crochet stitches so I went 2:1. It will be most difficult to hand sew through the straps, as they are thickest. 


Hopefully this tutorial is detailed enough for you to line your crochet purse and make adjustments if needed. I tried to write out the thought process for you, if you’re working on a different size bag. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

I would love to see your crochet bag, #tivolipurse tag me  @christacodesign on Instagram if you post a pic! Or share it to my Facebook page, I love to see your work!

August Make It Giveaway:

This month I decided a Make It Giveaway was in order, so I gathered up all the supplies you would need to make your own Tivoli Crochet Purse (& line it) to include in this month’s giveaway. 

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  • 1 Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook in 5mm (H)
  • 1 yard of cotton floral fabric
  • 1 set of 2 braided purse straps with rings
  • a copy of my Tivoli Crochet Purse Pattern to crochet your own purse

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Thursday 27th of September 2018

Gonna have to make this for sure!


Monday 20th of August 2018

Thank you for this awesome tutorial. I love the idea of adding fabric linings to my crocheted bags!


Saturday 18th of August 2018

Thank you, this is explained very well.

Rachel Clayton

Friday 17th of August 2018

This is so helpful!

Ana Rengifo

Friday 17th of August 2018

Beautiful Bag!! It is for sure in my to do list ❤️❤️❤️

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