Iris Stitch Crochet Photo & Video Tutorial

Iris Stitch Crochet Photo & Video Tutorial

I love working with cotton yarn, it’s one of my favorite things about summer crocheting! There are so many gorgeous stitches and patterns to try in different yarn weights and fibers. I enjoy seeing how each one works up a little differently and how some combinations just pop!

I adore how the iris stitch worked out in my next summer cowl pattern. It’s so lovely, I could look at it all day! Look for the full cowl pattern soon. Until it’s ready, I thought I would share a little tutorial for this stitch.

I’ve included both step by step photos and a short video. Keep scrolling for the photo tutorial.

iris stitch crochet tutorial

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Any weight yarn and corresponding size hook

I’m using my favorite 5mm (H) Clover Amour* and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton in Camel* for this tutorial.

Watch the short video tutorial here!

Video Tutorial:

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Photo Tutorial:

To begin, chain a stitch multiple of 4, plus 3 for your foundation chain. For example, Ch 12 + 3 = 15.

iris stitch tutorial

(2dc, ch 1 2dc) all in the 5th chain from your hook,

iris stitch tutorial

iris stitch tutorial

*skip the next 3 chains, (2dc, ch 1, 2dc) all in the next ch, rep from * across

iris stitch tutorial

until the last two sts, then skip 1 ch and dc in the last, turn.

iris stitch crochet tutorial

For row 2 and on Ch 3,

iris stitch crochet tutorialiris stitch crochet tutorial

skip the next two dcs, *all in the next ch 1 space: (2dc,

iris stitch crochet tutorial

ch 1,

iris stitch crochet tutorial

2dc), skip next 4 dcs, rep from * across

iris stitch crochet tutorialiris stitch crochet tutorialiris stitch crochet tutorial

until the last 2 dcs, skip 2 dcs and dc in 3rd ch, turn.

Continue to repeat Row 2.

iris stitch crochet tutorial

I use this lovely stitch in one of my upcoming cowls, look for the pattern soon!

crochet cowl

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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iris stitch crochet tutorial

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