Our First Instacare Visit

 I am quite thankful and, frankly, amazed that tonight was our very first visit trip to Instacare. I do have three boys. Three active, adventurous boys. My oldest two take swim lessons for half an hour at our local indoor took Elio and Ravenna to the toddler pool area. He had a blast sliding down the two small water slides, over and over. Ravenna alternated between walking around splashing and shivering in my arms. She loves the water, but it’s not warm enough for little bodies. After Lucca and Niccolo finished swim lessons they came to play with us. I might add that this is the first time I’ve even considered taking all four of them swimming by myself, as Darren was working. Kiddie pool or not, that’s a lot of little ones to keep eyes on. So we all played on the slides for a bit. I’d gotten Ravenna out and in her towel, and we were just walking in the water. She was happily snuggled up with me, shrieking as she watched her brothers. I told the boys, “one more trip down the slide,” turned and walked to the edge to wait. When I turned back around there’s Elio standing at the bottom of the slide, in tears. I get him out and see he’s bleeding from a small, but decent gash under his chin. I get all my little ducks in a row, and we go to the first aid station. They clean him up, (with rough hand towels, albeit gently!) and after three different types of bandages they get one to stick. It’s not bleeding very much, but you can see it’s gaping open some. Usually with the boys, if I can get it to stop bleeding then I feel like it doesn’t warrant a trip to the doctor. This one was different, so we went to get it checked out.

Such a trooper!

This entire time Elio has been calm. After the initial incident he stopped crying. His brothers, however, are starting to get upset. Lucca is worried he’ll have to see the doctor. Niccolo wants to know if Elio gets a treat (for getting hurt? uh, no) and then he wants a treat. They’re literally almost crying, as Elio sits calmly having multiple bandages applied to his chin. Thankfully a friend was able to watch Lucca and Niccolo, so we didn’t have to stress them out any further. Instacare was not busy so we didn’t wait long. And we had a fabulous nurse who brought them both cheddar bunnies and juice boxes. I didn’t even get her name!

Snack time!

The nurse and doctor both thought he’d need a couple of stitches, so he gets numbing gel to start. After we’re in a room the nurse burrito wraps him in a sheet to keep his arms down. He got a little upset at first, but calmed down so quickly. He laid still and quiet and let us move his head around. Not only did he do great, but Ravenna sat in a chair and didn’t budge so I could stay right next to him. Once we had him up on the table and the light on his chin it was easier to see the gash wasn’t as deep as it first looked. Thankfully, the doctor only used glue to seal the gash. It’s pretty neat stuff. It keeps the skin closed and protected; it can get wet and peels off on it’s own once the cut has healed. While Elio did fabulous through it all, I’m not sure his calm would’ve lasted through the poking and tugging of stitches, numbing gel or not.

All glued back together!

So thankful for the smoothness of this incident. I didn’t feel particularly ruffled by it all, and obviously Elio didn’t either. Most thankful for God’s peace and provision tonight!

 The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Phillippians 4:5b-6


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