Wood Ring Teether Crochet Tutorial

If you’ve been following my posts recently, you know this is the third wood ring teether I’ve created. This project is just so simple and fast, I had to share. I hope you can crochet one up for the little teether in your life!

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wood ring teether


I love my wood yarn bowl!


Cotton yarn, I just used a tiny bit from this ball of  Bernat Maker Home Dec Yarnin Fiesta Varigate.

Size K crochet hook http://amzn.to/2mQ0sRZ

2″ wood ring http://amzn.to/2mPBBhd

Yarn needle and scissors

Stitches used:

slip knot-make a loop with your finger, insert your hook (& remover your finger), yarn over and pull through the loop, securing yarn to your hook

slip stitch-yarn over, pull up a loop and pull it through the loop on your hook

single crochet-insert hook, yarn over & pull up a loop, yarn over and pull yarn through the two loops on your hook.

Steps to create your wood ring teether:

Slip knot on your hook and insert it into the wood ring.

wood ring teether

Slip stitch onto the wood ring, chain 1.

wood ring teether

Single crochet around most of the ring. Be sure to work over your tail.

wood ring teether

Continue to single crochet, as many as you like.

wood ring teether

I worked 16 single crochets, which covered my tail and about 2/3 of the wood ring.

wood ring teether

Weave in your tail.

wood ring teether

Be sure to weave it in one direction and then the other to prevent it coming loose.

wood ring teether

I crossed the stitches to the other side to weave it back towards the end.

wood ring teetherwood ring teether

Trim the excess and you’re done!

You crocheted your own wood ring teether!

These are just the perfect size for little hands to hold.

wood ring teether

Let your little teether chomp on it!


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